Hi! I'm Manuel
Web & Software developer

I've made few things using code.Check it out.


Below you can see the most recent projects I either built from start to end or contributed features and knowledge. Read the listings below each project to find out more details about my contributions. If you've in-depth questions on any of those listings, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

AMAG leasing calculator

  • Web Development (React, Redux, NodeJS)
  • Form and data handling/validations
  • Data API Frontend PROXY

Contact Form:CRM connection

  • Form submit handling and forwarding
  • Google Tag Manager triggers
  • Hubspot Form setup and settings

Shop The Look - Blue Tomato

  • Frontend Development (React, create-react-app)
  • Product database connector
  • Google Tag Manager triggers and code blocks

Marketing Lead Forms - Statec Binder

  • Frontend Development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Hubspot form feature setup
  • Form submit handling
  • Google Tag Manager triggers and code blocks

Personal Business website V1 - Daniela Sohneg

  • Static Site Seneration (GatsbyJS)
  • Creation design templates using Sketch
  • Backend setup using Contentful
  • NodeJS-side implementation of Backend connector
  • Template coding (React)

Realtime Database Updates - Scheucher Parkett

  • Database sync processing OPC machine data
  • Runtime and stability checks

Project Management Setup - Statec Binder

  • Jira Software/Helpdesk Setup
  • Implementation workflow rules
  • Create organization-specific guidelines

Team Riders section - Blue Tomato

  • Solution Architecture
  • Backend Development (PHP)
  • Frontenend Development (React, create-react-app)
  • CSS Grid implementation

Personal Business website V2 - Daniela Sohneg

  • Backend Setup using Contentful
  • Implementation of Backend connector
  • Static Site Seneration (GatsbyJS)
  • Frontend Development (React)

Buyers Guides - Blue Tomato

  • Backend Setup Elasticsearch
  • Frontend Development (HTML, CSS, SASS)
  • React components rendering
  • Provide webshop integration for SAP Commerce

Navigation of new docs - Open Source - Prisma

  • Frontend Development (React)
  • Code base pushed to Github

Graphql API - Blue Tomato DataCloud

  • Graphql Server (NodeJS)
  • Data consolidation from serveral sources
  • Redis caching strategy and implementation
  • Distribution handling using Apollo packages

Hubspot CRM Implementation - Statec Binder

  • Base concept for company-wide usage
  • Technical responsibilities and API connectors

About Me

Manuel Penaloza - Web & Software developer

I grew up in Upper Austria in a small village on the landside. Already at an early age I was fascinated by what computers and the internet enable us to do. Though it wasn't that I've already started coding at an early age, it was more using those gadgets to manage social media, play games, or create graphics for music events I've organized. But yeah, luckily besides that, there was also enough time to go skateboarding and break some bones.

Time passed by, and through using software and the internet heavily in my late teens and early twenties, I more and more focused on creating and coding software/ web applications on my own. My former Marketing studies - which I finished in 2013 - complete my ability to build effective software. Either in terms of "understanding clients better" or to better understand the software's market fit, which helps enormously to define a development strategy and plan.

In the meantime, I've been writing code and creating business applications for over 10 years. In this way, I've gained experience with different technologies, different kinds of people, and several business cases. Exactly this amount and variation of knowledge are the absolutely lovely parts of building software that helps people and organizations grow and achieve goals. This fact is the primary driver that keeps me going to get better, and thus leave my dent in the universe.

Create together

Technical Development

We can build whole webshops/websites and background jobs together, or just some parts that will make your already existing product better and more effective.

Solutions Architecture

My experience in thinking, designing and implementing large scale web and mobile applications will ensure long-term stability of your software.

Problem Solver

Well, not always :). But most of the time there is a solution to all the software and business problems out there. I'll make sure to find the most appropriate solutions.

Project Management

Sometimes people know how to manage project, sometimes people do not and projects become more hopeless than useful. I am part of the experienced and good people.


Contact me using the upcoming form if you have questions, want to say `Hello!` or if you're going to work together with me. I'll get back to you, though it might take some time, depending on my current workload. In case you want me to call back, please also send me your phone number in your message.